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Don't read – listen Speaking Mind

No more distracted driving and walking.
Now available on the App Store and Play Store!

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Reasons to love
Speaking Mind

Reading on the go is always bad idea

A small city dies every day because people are reading news on the move. Distracted driving is the reason of more than 30% of all road accidents in 2014. We'd like you to avoid that. Don't read – listen.

Save your time by listening when you can not read

Select only what you're really interested in

Radio, TV, newspapers – all of them tries to feed you with tons of news. But they don't know your needs and make their information feed full of junk you have to filter out. It's time to solve it – choose the feeds you are interested in and skip all others. Stop feeding your brain with junk buzz.

We are hardly working on social connections to the various networks. Choose those you want to listen to and enjoy this amazing experience

We want you be happy

Whilst we're preparing our promotion video, look at this gorgeous short movie about consequences of the phone addiction.

Users feedbacks

This app has changed all the way I get the news. It's awesome!

Paul Gordon

My morning runs became informative. I save more than 30 minutes every day for my daughter listening to this app. Thanks a lot!

Andrew Hersch

Since the start of development, this app became the only sound source at my phone. Listening to interesting news mixed with the music I love is priceless. I hope you will love Speaking Mind too.

Alexander Yankovskiy - Speaking Mind CEO

Download the app

We are doing our best to provide you with the best experience among all similar applications. Our development plan contains over 80 features to do and it will come live with your support.
Download the Speaking Mind now and make your life a little better!

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